Additive manufacturing

Well defined segments of silicon suboxide thin films deposited on fused silica substrates by vacuum evaporation are relocated to a receiver substrate by pulsed laser induced forward transfer. The receiver substrate (fused silica, silicone, or polycarbonate) is pressed against the SiOx-coated donor substrate, and the SiOx-film is irradiated through this transparent donor substrate with a single ArF or KrF excimer laser pulse. The shape of the transferred segments is defined by a projection mask. Films with a minimum thickness of 200 nm can be transferred this way. The process is a congruent transfer, i.e. the shape of the deposited film pad corresponds exactly to the ablated film segment defined by the mask. By repeated laser exposure after lateral displacement of the donor substrate (and appropriate rotation of the receiver substrate), stacking of film strips becomes possible, e.g. in form of a woodpile. A subsequent annealing step leads to oxidation to SiO2.

Furthermore, the arrangement of complex transparent structures can be accomplished by deposition, patterning and modification of silicone material.


Further Information:

J. Ihlemann, R. Weichenhain-Schriever:
Patterned deposition of thin SiOx-films by laser induced forward transfer Thin Solid Films 550, 521 (2014)

A. Syring, T. Fricke-Begemann, J. Ihlemann:
F2-laser modification and patterning of silicone films Applied Surface Science 261, 68 (2012)


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